Leadership Development

Empowering your key decision-makers

The Challenge

The success of any family enterprise is strongly influenced by the skill and alignment of its leaders. This becomes especially apparent during leadership transitions, which cannot happen without effective collaboration across generations.

As family enterprises become more complex over time, the skills required for successful leadership need to evolve, particularly as non-family members join your leadership teams. Additionally, there are a distinct set of skills needed to lead a family enterprise effectively, which go above and beyond typical management training, and where experience or instinct alone is rarely a useful guide.

Our Solution

Given the critical impact of leadership on the performance and continuity of a family enterprise, developing this capacity throughout the system should be a strategic priority. LGA’s Leadership Development services are designed to help you strengthen the skills of current and future leaders through assessments, skill-building, coaching, and experiential training.

leadership development

How does it work?

We tailor our Leadership Development support to the unique needs of your family enterprise. These services include:

  • Working with family leaders to anticipate and manage the increasing complexity of the business and the family
  • Helping senior family members to define their legacy and manage their transition from active leadership throughout the enterprise
  • Strengthening the skills of the rising generation so they are prepared to take on leadership roles in the business, in ownership, and in the family
  • Assessing the capabilities of current and future leadership via the LGA 360 for Family Leaders
  • Facilitating group activities to strengthen leadership capacity between generations and family branches
  • Helping non-family executives to lead the family enterprise and support the family governance system effectively
  • Advising family members on career development opportunities both within and outside of the family enterprise
  • Coaching leaders throughout the enterprise on how to best support continuity

How does it benefit your family?

LGA’s advisors are available to support your key leadership teams by providing:

  • Senior leaders with new perspectives and tools to collaborate more effectively across the enterprise
  • The rising generation with new skills and strategies to help deliver on the family’s long-term vision for the enterprise
  • The family enterprise as a whole with the confidence that both current and future leadership teams have the skills and resources needed to support continuity for many years to come
leadership development

Case Study

on campus learning

Case Study: Sustaining Engagement in a Cousins Consortium

Three third-generation Family Directors of a large enterprising family were attending a global conference focused on innovation and growth. Their 90-year old family had deep pride and gratitude for the success and leadership of previous generations. However, there were no family members currently working actively in the business, and the family’s only connection to their vast operations — which spanned eight industries and three continents — was limited to these three members of the Board.

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