Supporting the long-term continuity of your family enterprise

LGA’s advisors help enterprising families manage complexity and design and implement their own unique path to continuity.

Our advisory approach is rooted in organizational theory and research and informed by over 40 years of practical experience working with family enterprises globally.

Our signature diagnostic is the Continuity Audit, which provides a complete roadmap of what your family enterprise needs to ensure multigenerational success, and our Continuity Workshop lays the foundation for a better understanding of your family enterprise before diving into the deeper work of organizational change.

We also offer standalone advisory services tailored to your family enterprise’s specific needs, many of which emerge naturally from the Continuity Audit.

LGA’s advisors will be here today and always to support the long-term continuity of your family enterprise.

Continuity Audit

The LGA Continuity Audit, our signature diagnostic tool, enables us to gather the full range of data needed to provide you with a comprehensive snapshot of your current situation and develop a customized roadmap to achieve continuity.

Continuity Workshop

In LGA’s Continuity Workshop, our advisors lead your family through a customized and interactive learning experience focusing on the key drivers of family enterprise continuity — a foundation for any continuity project.

Continuity Services

Discover our comprehensive range of services designed to help you achieve multi-generational success.