Our Approach

Trusted advice to support the success of your family enterprise across generations

Family enterprises are complex systems

LGA’s approach is designed to bring clarity and alignment around your most critical family, ownership, and business issues.

Theory and Experience

Our intervention model is rooted in organizational theory and research and shaped by over 40 years of experience working with hundreds of leading family enterprises around the world.

Reactive and Proactive

We design projects that respond to the immediate needs expressed by our clients and also look ahead to the opportunities and risks of the future.

A Holistic, Systems Approach

We focus on the continuity of the entire system, addressing the unique dilemmas within each area and integrating them into a well-functioning whole. Our method builds understanding throughout the system, delivers transformational tools, and provides lasting clarity and support across generations.

Three Phases of Intervention

The LGA experience is defined by three phases of intervention, charting the path to your family enterprise continuity.

continuity audit phases


Phase I: The Continuity Audit

Diagnose your organization’s complexities and align around a Continuity Plan.

LGA engagements most often begin with a Continuity Audit, our signature diagnostic tool, to assess an enterprise’s capacity for multi-generational success and define a list of priority interventions to support the current and future needs of the system.

Phase II: Design & Implementation

Realize your ownership vision.

Each client intervention includes a concrete action plan, which we help you implement with expert advice and process support.

Phase III: Long-Term Support

Continuity is a journey, and the only permanent solutions are iterative.

The LGA team often provides ongoing support for structures, policies, and processes as your family and your enterprise continue to evolve, while our strategic focus shifts to maintenance and redesign as needed to support longer-term continuity.

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family enterprise continuity

Our advisory work

Our advisory approach is rooted in organizational theory and research and informed by over 40 years of practical experience working with family enterprises globally.

LGA’s advisors help enterprising families manage complexity and design and implement their own unique path to continuity.

Our educational programs

Education is one of the key drivers of continuity in a family enterprise, and in our experience, those families that invest in the development of their human capital benefit significantly in the long term.

At LGA, we educate families and their leadership teams about the many opportunities and risks they will face in the pursuit of continuity. Our global team provides a range of educational solutions tailored to your family enterprise’s needs, drawing on our experience as faculty and frequent lecturers at leading universities, conferences, and private seminars.

Our team

Our global team of advisors offers a wealth of multi-disciplinary knowledge and international experience to guide you on the path to continuity.

Case studies

Discover how we support our clients around the world through our unique diagnostic tools, planning capability, governance expertise and more.