Continuity Audit

A comprehensive action plan to support the long-term success of your family enterprise

Over the last two decades, family enterprise leaders who oversee large, complex portfolios of activity have become more aware of the inherent challenges of continuity planning. We see families investing heavily in developing protocols and agreements, hoping these mechanisms alone will ensure continuity. However, in many cases, the process is derailed because families seek surgical solutions for specific events — like major transactions, leadership transitions, or unexpected crises — rather than planning proactively and holistically for longer-term change.

To define where you want to go, we first need to understand where you are.

At LGA, we strongly support the development of formal agreements and financial planning, but in our experience, policies and processes are just two of the critical drivers of successful continuity. 

The LGA Continuity Audit is our signature diagnostic tool. It enables us to gather the full range of data needed to provide you with a comprehensive snapshot of your current situation and develop a customized roadmap to guide your continuity planning.

A transformational experience designed by leading experts in the field.

The Continuity Audit is conducted by an LGA advisory team in collaboration with a steering committee from your family.

It begins with a systems-level analysis of the critical drivers of success across the business, ownership, and family. 

We gather this data through in-depth interviews and surveys with all key stakeholders, as well as a comprehensive review of your strategic plans, financial performance, legal and organizational design, governance architecture, leadership teams, estate plans, shared philanthropy and investments, and family demographics and dynamics.

This information is then reviewed by your advisory team and used to develop concrete recommendations and an action plan to support your long-term continuity.

continuity audit phases

Our analysis is centered around the seven critical drivers of family enterprise continuity, helping the family generate answers to the following key questions:

Strategies and support to enable multi-generational success.

You will emerge from the Continuity Audit with a detailed understanding of the key drivers of success in your family enterprise as well as a detailed plan for the future — a roadmap to continuity helping you:

  • Navigate critical ownership discussions so current and future owners can articulate their individual aspirations and align around shared values, purpose and vision.
  • Launch or upgrade key governance structures, ownership policies, succession plans, and decision-making frameworks.
  • Build targeted training and development opportunities for family leaders where they need it most.

We typically share our feedback and roadmap with all key stakeholders in your system in a series of sessions, gathering their input and recruiting buy-in with the recommendations. Once the family is aligned around an action plan, your LGA advisors will be available to support you with any implementation as needed.

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Case Studies

Each family is unique and all families are alike. Learn how LGA helps enterprising families like yours.

on campus learning

Case Study: Sustaining Engagement in a Cousins Consortium

Three third-generation Family Directors of a large enterprising family were attending a global conference focused on innovation and growth. Their 90-year old family had deep pride and gratitude for the success and leadership of previous generations. However, there were no family members currently working actively in the business, and the family’s only connection to their vast operations — which spanned eight industries and three continents — was limited to these three members of the Board.

family office case study

Case Study: Launching a Family Office

The second-generation CEO of a large family enterprise was approached by a strategic investor who made a generous and unsolicited offer for their legacy operating business. The CEO had previously never explored a sale — both because of her strong emotional connection to the company and its employees — two of whom were her kids — and because of its attractive cash flow and growth profile.

case study 2

Case Study: Beginning the Journey of Continuity

A successful entrepreneurial couple on a long overdue vacation was reflecting on the future. Together, they led a portfolio of operating companies, an investment portfolio, and a donor-advised fund. They also had three healthy adult children, the eldest of whom was about to get married.