Lucía Arteta


Lucía Arteta

Lucía Arteta

In 2013, Lucía co-founded the Ecuador’s chapter of the Family Business Network (FBN). Since then, she has served as the Executive Director of the Family Business Association-FBN Ecuador. In 2024, she joined LGA as an Affiliate Advisor.

Over the course of 11 years, she has gained extensive experience as a facilitator for over 70 Ecuadorian family businesses. Additionally, her involvement in FBN’s global programs and her perspective as a third-generation member of her own family business have provided her with practical insights into the challenges faced by family enterprises.

Lucía firmly believes that each family needs to design tailored structures, strategies, and agreements to succeed and to create a legacy beyond financial gains. Her expertise lies in designing and implementing family and corporate governance structures. She advocates for the power of educating future generations, establishing diverse and strategic boards of directors, and promoting women’s participation in leadership roles.

Lucía currently serves on several boards of directors of Ecuadorian companies and is a member of the 30% Club Ecuador. Her past work experience includes positions on various boards of directors, as well as roles in Private Banking and Corporate Finance at a local Ecuadorian bank as well as Citibank Ecuador.

Lucía is Ecuadorian, married, and has three children. She holds a BA in Engineering and Economics from Brown University.

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