Family Offices

Generate, protect and utilize your wealth effectively across generations

Many of our clients manage a portfolio of investments in addition to their operating businesses. 

Most launch their family office after a large liquidity event, or when there is sufficient demand within the family for a shared services platform that can leverage economies of scale. 

These organizations are sometimes structured separately from the rest of the enterprise or designed for tax efficiency rather than financial or social impact. Consequently, their strategies and resources aren’t always coordinated with the rest of the family’s entrepreneurial activities. 

LGA helps families generate more value from a Family Office by:

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continuity audit

Continuity Audit

Build a comprehensive action plan to support the long-term success of your family enterprise.

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Philanthropy in Complex, Multi-Generational Families

For many, family philanthropy presents an opportunity to create a shared experience, unifying the
family by working together toward a lasting legacy of impact. Family philanthropy can also give
participants an opportunity to explore and cultivate their personal—and sometimes separate—
philanthropic passions

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