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Galit Philosof

Galit Philosof

Galit is a Wealth Strategy Designer, Behavioral Coach, and Communication Specialist.  She has served as Trusted Financial Advisor to  Israel’s leading ultra-high-net-worth families and individuals. She is among the founders of the Family Economics coaching industry in Israel and is considered one of the nation’s leading financial coaches. For almost 20 years, Galit has guided thousands of families on their way to success and financial well-being.

She is the CEO & Founder of Philosof & Co. – a strategic financial advisory firm helping affluence families navigate key decisions and overcome challenges that arise from the complexities involved in managing their family’s wealth. The company’s specialty is in helping families build healthy and promoting relationships with money in order to stabilize the family as a financial entity and a rewarding asset for future generations.  

Galit has developed the ‘Philosof Method’, which is based on the integration between finance tools and behavioral science and combines the worlds of consulting and coaching. She specializes in developing tailor-made strategies and has the unique ability to rally every family member to work together to achieve their long-term goals. She possesses extraordinary acumen in human behavior and capital, with a keen understanding of how the human psyche and behavior affect the individual’s and family’s financial conduct.

“When money and family meet, it exposes vulnerabilities that could threaten the family’s wholeness. Economic power over generations is based on family unity and requires open communication, a safe space of respect and belonging to each family member, and consideration for their needs, desires, and fulfillment.”

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