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Francisco Valera

Francisco Valera

I am fully committed to helping individuals and family enterprises to take the next step on their own personal and professional journey and their path for continuity. My main motto, purpose and the reason of doing what I do is KEEP ON GROWING. 

After more that 25 years in the field I have worked with large mutigenerational groups in Europe and Latin America. I have experienced different transitions within the same business families and being witness of the people’s journey through life.

Family Constitutions, Governance design: corporate and family and Succession Transitions has been the main part of my work in the past. 

I have been and still am accompanying most of the same families I had started working with. It was and it is a life commitment but also gives me a long-term perspective of the journey being a witness of their struggles, their mistakes, learnings and obviously the joy of the success for continuity. 

Now I am more focused in the relationships, communication, and conflict resolution skills, helping teams and governance groups to collaborate and coaching individuals to make the necessary changes for the next life transition.

I have several publications in the topic of next generation, culture, and governance. I am working now in a report on best practices on succession that will be published in 2022.

After a professional career as an economist and a teacher in different business schools I decided to start my journey with family enterprises in 1995 working for five years in the Spanish Family Business Association (Instituto de la Empresa Familiar) where I witnessed the starting of the field in Europe and Latin America and I discovered my passion that I have never abandoned.

My educational and personal development journey it is something fundamental in my growth as a person and as a professional in my role as consultant.

I am a coach specialized in personal and professional life transitions in the family business roles. 

Additionally, I have a box of tools to help people and organizations related with personality, teams, conflict resolution and communication, values, motivation, and leadership.

My life-long love and study of photography has taken me across the world in search of light, contrast, and story. After many years of business travel, I have realized that everything I wished to convey photographically was available at home – right on his doorsteps – in the Yorkshire Dales in the UK and near Barcelona, Spain. I am currently working on several projects in Spain and the UK involving his love of seascape, landscape and nature-wildlife photography. The common denominator in my work is revisiting the stories and character that are continually revealed through the deepening relationship between the subjects, myself and my cameras. 

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