Family Enterprise Growth

Resilience in Family Enterprises

Studying the response of family enterprise systems to chronic market dysfunction and elevated risk can provide useful insights into organizational resilience.

Governing the family enterprise justice

Governing the Family Enterprise

A very small part of the academic research on governance has taken into account family ownership and the special nature of family firm governance.


The tests of a prince

Future leaders, particularly in family businesses, must jump through four kinds of hoops to earn the respect—and then the support—of stakeholders.


Mentoring the next generation

The next generation of mentors – parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents, senior business leaders and advisors – play an important role in guiding the next generation of family members.

Banking Star

The making of a banking star

As head of her family’s bank in Taos, New Mexico, Rebeca Romero “makes things happen” in the Hispanic community.